We want to provide unique service for our highly talented soccer players. We are more than just professional negotiators. With our knowledge we enable our athletes to truly develop their potential.

The most important thing is the personal quality of the relationship. Together is the key word. A friendly surrounding, competent services as well as our hard work are our foundation. The profile of Football Diamonds is topped up with an international network, tactful handling of the media and a sure instinct for all PR-matters. We also communicate successful companies as sponsoring partners.

Football Diamonds is not just an ideal partner for professional players. We are here to help jumpstart the playing career of talented players of all levels: semi-professional and professional.

A career in soccer is the number one dream of many children. Young players choosing the difficult career path of becoming a soccer player are prepared to work hard consistently from a very early age on. When it comes to our work with the youth, it is part of our quest to be a truly reliable and comprehensive partner. It is our obligation to understand a player’s greatest dream and to cooperate as tightly as possible with the family. Besides providing great opportunities in sports, a holistic approach to career planning requires keeping in mind also what will happen after the playing career; what could be an approach to a second career. Holistic career planning means not only getting the best contracts with attractive challenges in sports, but also systematically ensuring education and formation beginning from an early age on.

Football diamonds is offering a holistic approach towards career planning for all ages and leagues.


Our Philosophy

Diamonds are special gemstones, they are harder and more elegant than all others and are found rarely. Football Diamonds wants to find these raw diamonds, cut and polish them, in order to let them shine so that their lustre can be seen worldwide.

At the heart of our philosophy is the personal relationship between our athletes and us. The personal relationship is the strength of our work. We see us as a reliable partner, who helps young football talents to develop their lustre. The most valuable diamond is unspectacular, if it is still unreleased in the ground. It is its discovery and the careful polish that let the gemstone become a precious diamond. Our mission is to enable soccer talents to release their real potential to shine brightly.

Next to great talent, a lot of discipline and a strong will are the prerequisites for aspiring potentials. Today, the tasks that have to be kept in mind are plenty. It is getting increasingly difficult to keep pace with the international arena of global soccer. International players are burdened with numerous challenges besides the football pitch. We help dealing our athletes with those challenges to enable them to concentrate on playing football.


Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Individuality
  • Seriousness
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Trust


Our Services

Scouting, one of our services, is often the beginning of a great playing career. The personal contact after the successful scouting is vital: an in-depth and a forward-looking approach towards career planning is necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful life, even for the life after football.

Players normally do not have the time to deal with every tiny problem by themselves. So we are happy to help with handling the organisational necessities linked with the life of a soccer star. After a transfer, it may be that an athlete has to move to another country. If our client chooses to, we can arrange the apartment hunt or deal with insurances. But we do not limit us on sheer paperwork. True wisdom about representation comes from knowing what is the dream of the client, finding out what are the values and evaluate the needs and priorities of the player in clarity to actualize the career goals, TOGETHER.

Negotiating with top football clubs can be tough – and outstanding results are only achieved by combining the constant and precise analyse of the market, a solid knowledge of the FIFA rules as well as recognized negotiating skills and tact. Transfer procedures and contract issuing are conducted with expertise and commitment.

We want our players to truly advance. To deliver this objective, we work hard on negotiating contracts, which are maximising our player’s chances at the highest level of international competition in sports as well as being financially rewarding.

Athletes are not just numbers to Football Diamonds. A solid personal relationship enables us to give the players the individual and specific approach they need to reach their goals. Our services include sound sports management, the possibility to individual coaching as well as the communication of physiotherapy.

As a person of public interest, players often stand in the spotlight of the nation. The image of a soccer player is crucial these days. Football Diamonds elaborates and supports the individual branding of an athlete with sympathy and experience. Further, constant monitoring and analysing the media, together with professional PR Management complete the image of the player. Our international network, consisting of excellent associates, ensures a good relationship with sponsoring partners.

Further services by Football Diamonds include legal and asset consulting, as well as providing the necessary information on tax, fiscal and economic questions.


Our main activities include:

  • Professional and Modern Sports Management
  • Counselling and Advisory Service
  • Scouting
  • Negotiations with Clubs and Sponsoring Partners
  • PR Coaching and Media Support